Blessed Are The Jam Makers

OM:NI Hurstbridge


I may have reached a state of Nirvana! I can now make jam! And I’m only 77 years young!  Let me explain.

My son David came to visit from Darwin during January just past. David’s two sons, Ben 13 yrs and Matt 11 yrs, came too. It was a busy time as there were so many places David wanted to take them. There was a spare day in the middle of their stay and we decided to go down along the creek out the back of our place to pick blackberries. in a very short space of time we were back home with 2kg of berries. With clear instructions from the CEO Of Domestic Affairs, the berries were soon cleaned, boiled to just the right point with sugar, and lemon juice added at just the right moment.

The boys stood diligently by the boiler and stirred the pot to make…

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2015 – a great year at Hurstbridge

OM:NI Hurstbridge

Boy! Am I glad my wife pushed me out of the kitchen early this year. Go and look at OM;NI she said. A warm welcome from blokes at the first meeting sealed the deal.

Hurstbridge OM;NI now boasts 19 members. The warmth of our meetings and the openness of our discussions has made OM;NI a highlight of my calendar. This meeting we welcomed new members Garry and Graham. A dinner at Panton Hill Hotel will round out the year then it’s a wait until first meeting 2016.

Thanks to Ken Ramplin for his leadership and supporters from other Diamond Valley groups for providing the environment for our success.

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Random thoughts from the Town Fair September 2015


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Five years of OM:NI at the Diamond Creek Town Fair 

   and we’re loving it!

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Fifth Annual Warburton Rail Trail Ride 9/4/2015

omnicycle - Copy

Mild weather….. and didn’t we burn up the trail! Nick, Barry, Bill, Lindz, Bruce, Ken and Lou had a great day. Nearly lost Bruce who headed off to Warburton East and was lucky to get something to eat from the bakery. Ken nearly missed the bus at Sour Dough –all packed up and ready to push off home! Lindz asked the question, “why do we do this just once a year?”
Aah, the infallible rule of what we did last time Lindz. Over to you Lindz.


Diamond Creek Town Fair

DC Fair 1 DC Fair 2

Another beautiful day in Diamond Creek last Saturday. And another successful Town Fair. OM:NI was there too – for the fourth time since just before the Group started in 2011. A great day to catch up with friends not seen for a while, new friends and to talk with complete strangers about OM:NI – Mens Discussion Groups and what they are doing and what they can offer Older Men in the Community. A great talking point is the ‘Spring Gathering’ on 30th September, an opportunity again to meet OM:NI Blokes from other Groups, learn more of the talents our men have and to listen to a Guest speaker. Afterwards, we’ll be meeting around the BBQ. A feature of this event will be the presentation of our new lapel badge.

Like to come along? Give Ken a call on 0413 476 382.



“When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without a thought on anything but the road you are taking”………..                                 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

And so it was that we set out from Marngrook oval, Bill, Barry and Ken heading for the meeting place by the tennis courts at Eltham. Unfortunately, Bas suffered a puncture and decided to return home only having one spare tube. A good roll up there in Eltham, Bruce,Brian, Rob, Brent, Lou and we decided to head for the Caf at NMIT Fairfield. Apart from a dispute between one rider and his front tyre, (no names – initial Rob) the ride was pleasant and brisk. The multi-tasking abilities of OMNICYCLE Blokes is amazing. As well as keeping the pedals turning, conversations were maintained and hopefully, we all returned home enlightened! The coffee was good and a rousing version of ‘Happy Birthday’ was sent over the airwaves to David in Darwin.He was mightily impressed with the rendition and asked if we sang together as a choir! The return journey was without incident and the Group asked if Bruce might lead us on a trip up the Merri Creek on 19th June. Long range forecast – 17deg,sunny with a few clouds!