Blessed Are The Jam Makers

OM:NI Hurstbridge


I may have reached a state of Nirvana! I can now make jam! And I’m only 77 years young!  Let me explain.

My son David came to visit from Darwin during January just past. David’s two sons, Ben 13 yrs and Matt 11 yrs, came too. It was a busy time as there were so many places David wanted to take them. There was a spare day in the middle of their stay and we decided to go down along the creek out the back of our place to pick blackberries. in a very short space of time we were back home with 2kg of berries. With clear instructions from the CEO Of Domestic Affairs, the berries were soon cleaned, boiled to just the right point with sugar, and lemon juice added at just the right moment.

The boys stood diligently by the boiler and stirred the pot to make…

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3 thoughts on “Blessed Are The Jam Makers

  1. Hey great effort Ken, after years thinking making jam was an arcane artform, I bet you were surprised to find out how easy it is!! If my daughter gets enough figs from her fig tree this year, I’ll make some tasty fig jam for you.


  2. I was surprised Bruce! Walking Rusty yesterday I noticed the slasher had been through.
    Better access for picking blackberries! Might go out again Saturday morning.


  3. Feb 2018 is nearing Ken, and at a young 78,I trust you will be soon be out searching for more blackberries…..I so loved the last batch you made!


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