Diamond Creek’s 100th Meeting

On Tuesday Diamond Creek celebrated it’s 100th meeting. Joining us for the occasion were members from Eltham, Banyule and Hurstbridge.

The meeting was followed by a BBQ with Leon and Nick as chefs de jour.

100th meeting-2100th meeting-2-2 100th meeting-2-3 100th meeting-2-4 100th meeting-2-5 100th meeting-2-6 100th meeting-2-7 100th meeting-2-8 100th meeting-2-9100th meeting-2-19 100th meeting-2-10 100th meeting-2-11 100th meeting-2-12 100th meeting-2-13 100th meeting-2-14 100th meeting-2-15 100th meeting-14 (2) 100th meeting-2-18


4 thoughts on “Diamond Creek’s 100th Meeting

  1. Hey Guys – a memorable meeting, was great to share it with visitors from Eltham, Hurstbridge & Banyule. Many thanks Alan for the photography capturing the milestone occasion.

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  2. Sorry I wasn’t able to be there. Good to see other Groups from the Diamond Valley along for this milestone. OM:NI is alive and well in the Valley supporting Older Men to re-connect with their communities……Ken R


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