We Wish You a Merry Xmas…

11What a handsome mob.

10Arise Sir Daryl.9Sir Daryl and Sir Jim65 Daryl and Tom4 Michael sprouts forth3 Three wise men – Nick, Barry and Barry2 Daryl and Tom1Don’t you love my nails xxxx

15Redoubtable Ron13Three grown men Daryl, Larry and Jim14 Ron and poet Laureate Les8Ron and Sir Kelvin16Barry burns a banger


5 thoughts on “We Wish You a Merry Xmas…

  1. Great Pics. Wishing you all and your families a merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year. My thoughts are with you all during this festive season. Kind regards, Anna Maio x


  2. Great photos Alan, capturing the essence of a fantastic Christmas windup, and well deserved “Sir Kelvin” award. Merry Christmas to all my OMNImates.


  3. What a great day,and thanks to Alan for the terrific photographs of the day.The friendship,good spirit and all the laughs proof this group to be exactly what senior men of today need.Look forward to seeing everybody in the new year. Cheers Ron 🙂


  4. Christmas 2013 message from SIR DARYL,
    Thank you one and all for a wonderfull day i could hardly hold back the tears.
    No wonder OMNI Diamond Creek is so successful, our parents would be so proud to see how their sons have lived so long and matured like mighty Oak Trees.
    ANNA where are you i was so looking forward to my Chrissy HUG
    I would love to have had you all at my Chrissy table but i guess i will have to be content with the lovely memories of 2013 with you all.
    I am proud to call you all MATE
    Merry Christmas from SIR DARYL and Lady Flo


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